This year we are hosting our 43rd International Conference in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City from November 19-21st, 2017. The conference’s theme is “Redefining Innovation: Leading the 21st Century Revolution”, and we will interact with this theme through world-class executive keynote speakers, executive seminars, panel discussions, and mentorship for the Case Study competition, Impact Challenge, and Writing Competition.


This year’s IC theme is “Redefining Innovation: Leading the 21st Century Revolution” and will address the most recent and groundbreaking approaches to disruptive innovation. We treat innovation as more than simply a buzzword, to mean more than continuous improvement. We look to foster a dialogue about how to identify unique and hidden opportunities for innovation, to explore creative opportunities that may be counterintuitive yet impactful. We explore these innovation approaches through workshops that address innovation as it relates to specific industries and disciplines.


Our Case Study challenge, while a rigorous, competitive, and conceptually exhaustive exercise, specifically addresses the management consultant’s approach to innovation and problem-solving opportunities. The Impact Challenge is a seed-funding competition for students interested in social entrepreneurship. The Conference’s brand new Writing Challenge is an open-ended, individual, and research-based opportunity for students to write about their passions, and gives students the opportunity to have their article published in Business Today’s Magazine, the most widely distributed undergraduate business publication in North America.


We bring to the International Conference several world-class innovative executives to deliver our keynote addresses and speeches, giving all conference-goers a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask executives important questions and hear expert advice and opinion. The Conference also features executive seminars, where students are carefully matched with executives to visit their workplaces and gain an incredibly valuable firsthand account of the executives’ work and business. We aim to provide a network, the means, and the experience to implement innovative practices well beyond the 3-day program.